Luisa Vela

As a trained Agronomist, Luisa spent the first 22 years of her professional career working as a successful manager navigating the challenging world of business. This allowed her to see first hand the challenges and pressures that management teams in both public and private enterprises face on a daily basis, giving her an in-depth understanding as to how easily communication difficulties and conflict can arise (even when people have the best intentions), and how workplace stress can detrimentally interfere with the professional development of even the very talented and brightest of people. Luisa saw that unless people had the right tools to navigate their way through these stressful challenges then it would be a losing game for everyone involved, the individual, their teams and the organisation.

It was this very real need that led her to explore what organisations could do differently to reap the maximum benefits of all the good intentions, talent and
skills of their workforce teams, while at the same time equipping people with the skills and awareness to navigate the stressful periods in a healthier way. This passion for wellbeing in optimising performance fuelled Luisa’s continued learning path and today she holds numerous accreditations in the areas of Psychotherapy, Ericksonian Hypnosis, Stress Reduction, Mindfulness, Yoga, along with being a Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner (NLP), making her an expert in the field of stress reduction and emotional wellbeing strategies.

Today she works with Maybe International in designing and implementing organisational and team wellbeing, stress management, mindfulness and creative-teamworking programmes that work at both the physical, mental and emotional level for optimising wellbeing, creativity and high performance.


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