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Your Daily Companion – Keeping you true to Yourself.

We can have the best of intentions each day when we wake up. We can resolve to handle this new day really well. But then so many things throw us off track and we can end up once more with un-met resolutions. So we give up. But you don’t have to. There is a Companion available to you who can remind you each day, and at different times in the day, how wonderful you really are and how wonderful life really is. And you can get back on track and stay true to...

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Rocking the Boat

‘Don’t rock the boat’ would seem sound advice but not in all circumstances. It depends on where the boat is headed. Rocking the boat is not easy in organizations for lots of reasons. Even leaving aside the fear of the consequences from rocking the boat, there are enormous pressures on us to conform. Be alert. Be aware. But, above all, be cautious around expecting and rewarding loyalty. You are probably encouraging compliance and preserving some status quo that might need to be questioned.

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