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Managing To Be Human Forum Launch

The purpose of the Forum is to create a meeting place for like-minded peers from diverse organisations and industries to share ideas, learnings, challenges, successes and commitment to creating a new approach to managing – Managing in a Human Way – that will lead to higher performing organisations and that will seriously impact on the welfare of people in organisations and in society in general.

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Building Intelligent Human Organisations using the Enneagram

Building Intelligent Human Organisations using the Enneagram. IEA European Enneagram Conference – Portugal 2014. The conference theme was “The New Paradigms Challenges”.
This event brought to Portugal renowned international Enneagram experts. People from around the world shared their contributions.
But… What’s the Enneagram?

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Creativity – the key to leading versus managing

“Managers do things right. Leaders do the right things.” This quotation is not meant to be a criticism of managers or managing, but it does describe very succinctly for us where the difference in focus between the two lies.

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