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A really inspirational event!

The evening was designed to inspire people and it certainly did all of that. Thoughts and extracts from Brian’s book, Your Beautiful Life: A Gift, touched the hearts and minds of all those gathered at the Talbot Hotel in Stillorgan last Thursday. The big theme from the event was how we respond to the situations we find ourselves in, in our lives, each and every day. As no two days are the same the major challenge faced by all of us is to give our very best response to the situation we are in. We can try or we...

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New Year Resolutions or Objectives

What’s the general view? Many people I speak to don’t believe in making resolutions or setting objectives for each New Year. Some of them say it is better to just take things as they come. Some say there is no point because who knows what may happen. And some say they don’t believe in trying to impose their goals or wishes on life. Do you feel a bit like I do, that, while you do want to set some goals for 2018 for yourself and for your people to aspire to, it feels particularly difficult to set objectives this...

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Up-coming event

25th January

Your Beautiful Life – a gift

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It’s up to You…NOT your Circumstances.

We can let life’s circumstances dictate how we are and end up being victims of whatever happens to us. Our lives can be a whole series of ups and downs and we hope there will be more ups than downs. But life does not have to be like this. WE can decide how we are irrespective of what happens to us…irrespective even of the...

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