Very often –almost always- when we want to really improve, grow, change or perform better, as professionals and as human beings we experience an internal struggle, a resistance that bubbles up inside us, gets in our way and stops us from positively moving forward.

This is not only our own personal experience as individuals, but it’s equally our experience as coaches who have worked with a diverse range of people and organisations for many years.

Paradoxically, in spite of the importance we attribute to our development, or how committed we think we are, there is a hidden stronger force or competing agenda within us, a kind of Immunity to Change, as Kegan & Lahey (HBR Press, 2009) called it, that operates against our most important goals and prevents us from doing what we know we need to do.

If we want to truly grow as individuals and achieve our greatest goals, we need to look at and work on this hidden dynamic operating in each of us, otherwise the breakthrough change we wish for will remain elusive.

The Enneagram is a powerful human development tool that enables us to become more aware of and manage better this hidden dynamic.  It is an easy, understandable and at the same time extremely accurate system which explains the nine very different personality types, the strategies we adopt to deal with life, our motivations for doing so and those hidden and for the most part unconscious agendas that stop us from positively moving forward.

We believe that the Enneagram is one of the most powerful systems for Personal & Professional Development, as it provides a map, which enables us to pinpoint our repetitive patterns and move beyond those that no longer serve us.  It enables us to see that we are more than our patterns of behaviour and if frees us up to choose how we want and need to respond to life.

It was a real pleasure to run the recent Enneagram Professional Training Programme in Madrid for the second consecutive year and we would sincerely like to thank our wonderful co-hosts in Uranio Paes and Beatriz Catala and the great bunch of people who joined us for this intensive deep-dive week of growth, skills development and fun.

Best wishes,

The Maybe Team