Excerpt from the outstanding article by Brian F. Smyth.

Management and managers should be brought to court and, if found unwilling to change their ways, should be sent to jail to prevent them doing more damage.

Is there any position or role in life that is doing more damage to society in general than that of the traditional manager? Limiting people to playing very minor and unsatisfying roles for 8 or 9 hours a day for all their lives?

It is not that companies and managers are against happiness and people being happy but that they do not see it as a relevant category.

It is this way of thinking that makes it ok for us to see people arrive to work with long faces and look forward to real living at weekends… or on retirement.

What is so wrong with this is that we are unnecessarily –as we will see later – creating
millions of unhappy people in society, which has enormous repercussions for the people and
for society in general.

It is possible to radically change all three of our crimes – against people, against our
companies and organizations, and against society.

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