The Managing To Be Human Forum was launched on the 30th April in Dublin in the inspiring Croke Park Conference Centre with great success.

The purpose of the Forum is to create a meeting place for like-minded peers from diverse organisations and industries to share ideas, learnings, challenges, successes and commitment to creating a new approach to managing – Managing in a Human Way – that will lead to higher performing organisations and that will seriously impact on the welfare of people in organisations and in society in general.

Brian, Holistic Visioning Model Brian, Total & Balanced Life Model Brian, Two Pillars Model Brian interviewing John Longergan464

We would like to extend a big thank you to all the pioneering leaders who attended on the day and who graciously shared their learnings, ideas, energy and commitment to forging new initiatives in their organisations for managing in a new and more human way.

Brian, John Longergan, Gema 4 groups Brian, Bernstein model, good group shot CA’s group + Harry CA’s group work Good group shot (2) Group shot movement Group work Adrienne Candy Justin’s Group Reception Brian, Rho, Natalie Reception pic CA + Grattan Reception Tom, Liam, KieranGood group shot Stephen’s Group