You may recall that the first of our Managing to be Human Forums took place on April 30th and was indeed a great success.

The purpose of the event was to establish a Forum, a meeting place of like-minded people that would generate awareness, curiosity, interest, energy and support the sharing of ideas and commitment to the creation of a new approach to managing – Managing in a Human Way – that would lead to higher performing organisations and would seriously impact on the welfare of people in organisations and on society in general.

Everybody who attended went away enthused about both the need and the initiative itself. They also gained many new insights and ideas into “a better way” of managing their people and their organisations.


To give you a flavour of the event, and hopefully to encourage you to join us at the next one, we have put together a short video clip (20 mins) which captures not only the powerful contributions made by our guest speaker John Lonergan, excerpts from Gary Hamel and Ricardo Semler but also from managers in the room – all of which helped create such a stimulating atmosphere and outcome.

We are planning to hold our next Forum at the end of Oct or early Nov. We hope this video will not only encourage you to be there but that it will also encourage you to talk to others to join us in moving this important initiative forward.

We will be back to you shortly to announce the upcoming date and venue.