IBEC HR Leadership Summit 2014

At the conclusion of his talk at the IBEC HR Leadership Summit 2014 on Thursday 23rd Oct, Gary Hamel said that he would love to see a movement in Ireland to promote a new and more human way of managing people. We didn’t think it appropriate to stand up and announce at the summit that there IS such a movement in Ireland but we would like you to know that one exists and is operative. The movement is the Managing to be Human Forum and its next meeting takes place in Croke Park on the 18th November.

Invitation and Short Manifesto Booklet

We attach two pieces of information on the Forum below.
One is an invitation to our upcoming event in Croke Park on November 18th and the second is a link to a short booklet we produced after our last Managing to be Human Forum which we held back in April.

Managing To Be Human – Forum Invitation, November 18th
Managing To Be Human Forum – The Journey So Far



Purpose of the Managing To Be Human Forum

Essentially the aim of the Managing to be Human Forum is to get like-minded people and organizations together, people who believe that real and lasting business success can be achieved, and better achieved, by managing people in a truly human and authentic way. It is a community of managers and people who share a conviction that adopting more human ways to manage is an imperative, not a luxury, both for the health of their own and other organizations and for society in general. Gary is aware of this initiative and may, indeed, have been alluding to it in his comment.

We would love if you could join us on the 18th November so we get the unique value of your interest and your thinking and together we can create something new and special around management and work in Ireland.