While you may agree with much in the attached article around both the need to fundamentally change how we structure and manage our organisations, and the benefits from doing so, some troublesome questions may still linger:

“It’s great, and I agree with it, but how do we get started?”
“Can we ease our way into it or do we have to do it in one fell swoop?”
“How can we be sure that performance and results won’t suffer?”
“What is the new role for the manager in this new schema and how can we shift from the existing traditional format to this new way of managing and leading people?”
“Do we have to have overall approval, maybe even from corporate level, or can we take the initiative in our own area or at our own local level.”

The real danger of not having answers to these questions is that Companies may go for, settle for, apparent rather than real transformation and use it for marketing purposes for the external world and their own staff.

And, there are good answers to all of these questions!