It can be difficult to arrive  to your desk or place of work with no worries and without having done a fair bit of worrying before you even get there.

But, suppose you knew that  before you arrived to work somebody had:

  • put the lights on in your office or place of work
  • had it nice and warm and comfortable
  • provided some nice food for you
  • left an energy drink waiting for you so you had plenty of energy to keep you going throughout the day.

…. wouldn’t that make you feel  you were looked after, help you to feel better, and reduce that  nagging, often groundless worrying that you do?

Suppose you lived on a dark, barren, desolate, cold, toxic rock.

But, suppose before you rose each day somebody had:

  • lit up the rock where you live with bright lights
  • filled it with rich nourishing plants and food
  • heated your surrounding area
  • warmed it so that it was quite habitable and comfortable
  • turned it into a vibrant, energy filled place
  • provided just the right amount of healthy oxygen

…wouldn’t you feel, again, well looked after, cared for and with little need to worry when all this is already being done for you?

‘Don’t Worry…about a Thing…cos every little thing…”

Yet, this is exactly how it is.

Before you get up every day – no matter what time that is – the sun ‘is up before you’ doing all these things, having everything ready for you,  ensuring all the basics are in place to allow you to live and make the most of your day and your life. It knows all your basic needs and fulfils them.

I know, like all of us, you take this very much for granted everyday, but, suppose you adverted  to the thousands of things like this that the sun  and our universe provides for us each day, maybe you might feel well looked after and  feel less like doing all that needless worrying.

That nourishing, caring sun is there every day…even when the weather and everything looks overcast and cloudy.