Making Everyday Christmas Day

Maybe Christmas is the norm, not the exception, not just one day in the year, but every day!

Why not enjoy that Christmas spirit every day?

Maybe being generous and trusting and investing in the wonderful gifts we give to our customers and to the world is normal and the best way to do business.

What if, like Herod, we’ve got ‘power’ all wrong and real power comes from truth, humility, service and that it is this power that people really respect and will want to follow?

Do you think that if you put your trust in this power that you would attract the very best people, very wise people, Kings, to come to you and bring their rich personal and professional gifts to you and your Company?

What if there is a star that we all need to find and follow, our star, that will lead us to what our hearts truly desire?

Do you have a star?

Maybe Santa is more real and true than anything else and that there are opportunities and surprises waiting for us every day and we only have to look for them, believing we will find them in very surprising places.

Are your really looking?

Maybe our company helpers would enjoy their work if they saw their role as being really important in bringing good news and gifts to people and felt really appreciated for playing that role.

Do they?

What if we saw our mission as being about surprises, surprises that light up people’s eyes because they are exactly what they want.

What if we believe that the more we give, the more we get and we end up with a different problem of trying to meet customer requests and demands?

What if your people, deep down, are truly generous and will give their all for your company if they see it as being truly meaningful, a place of loyalty to them and to everybody and a real community of like-minded generous people?

Think this is possible and worth while?

What if the world you live and operate in isn’t a boring, dull place but is actually full of magic and so work and all you do can be great fun and this magic and fun leads to wonderful new successes?

Maybe Christmas should not be a ‘break’ at all but simply a highlight and a reminder of how wonderful you are and how wonderful your company can be when you trust your people, your stakeholders, and your wonderful self… following your star.