Where does Real Power Lie?

The Deep State:

It’s easy to feel pretty powerless these days!

I mean, even if you had the power to get to the President of the United States, you still wouldn’t have got there.  You haven’t got to the Deep State who are supposedly the ones pulling the real strings in the background… or underground.

And you are just you!

Centre of a Set of Relationships:

But this is not really so. You are not just you. You are the centre of a set of relationships and everybody with whom you relate and on whom you impact is equally the centre of another set of relationships. And on and on it goes. You have, then, enormous power through these endless relationships and you also have an enormous responsibility from the position you hold as the centre of a network of relationships.

But what can one person do? A lot!

Gavrilo Princip was just one person!  Remember him?  He was the guy who  with one shot virtually single-handedly  initiated World War one.

Power and Responsibility:

This is not where I want you to go with this power and responsibility you have.

I am pointing more towards Rosa Parks who simply refused to move back in a bus in Alabama in  1955 to make room for white passengers and initiated the whole civil rights movement in the U.S.

The reason I mention Rosa Parks is not because I believe you should begin a new movement but that you should begin taking yourself even more seriously in terms of the difference you can make.

I also mention her because making this kind of difference simply requires being true – being true to yourself and being true to the reality of your situation and to what is called for in it.

Making a Difference:

You can make a great difference. I bet you can think of many people who by their belief in you and in others have made such a great difference in your life and way beyond it.

To do this you do need to be clear about and get in touch with what you stand for, with what is truly important and of value.

When you do this you will get to and inspire people in your circle of influence and they will similarly impact on others around them.

Remember there are no more than five links between you and anybody in the world and that includes members of the so-called Deep State.

But don’t worry about them. Just focus on the people where you have immediate contact and impact, the people in your immediate circle of influence.

Who are you as a Leader?

Who are you being for these people in your circle of influence? What do you represent for them? What is the goal you are asking them to serve or pursue? How rich and meaningful is this in the totality of their lives?

These people are your portals, your gateways, to the outside world and when you stand for something that is of real value and substance you will be enabling and empowering them to be the best that they can be and to do truly great things.

Who knows where this might end!  It can only be good.

To do it, you have to find your own deep state!