What’s the general view?

Many people I speak to don’t believe in making resolutions or setting objectives for each New Year.

  • Some of them say it is better to just take things as they come.
  • Some say there is no point because who knows what may happen.
  • And some say they don’t believe in trying to impose their goals or wishes on life.

Do you feel a bit like I do, that, while you do want to set some goals for 2018 for yourself and for your people to aspire to, it feels particularly difficult to set objectives this time around. Now, maybe you don’t feel like this and can’t wait for 2018 to continue the great progress made in 2017.

Or maybe you feel that, while we have gone through some rough weather, it looks like fairly plain sailing from here on in.

How about you?

Time to take risks

But suppose you don’t feel as bullish as this, what do you do if you feel you daren’t set objectives either for yourself or for your organization because of the level of uncertainty you perceive?

Do you just set some very general objectives or aspirations and hope for the best, not convincing others because you yourself are not at all convinced nor convincing?

And how can we give any leadership if this is how we feel and how things are?

Maybe there is a way and maybe finding that way is now more important than ever. I believe it is more important than ever because right now we cannot allow the boat we are sailing to simply drift, a victim of every current and tide and threatening new wave.

Never have we as managers and leaders been so-called to take responsibility for the welfare and destiny of our Organizations, and for the welfare of our society, as now.

For our Organizations, yes, you might agree, but why for our society?

Because you have no choice. You are unavoidably a player in society affecting it positively or negatively.

And you are either a beneficiary of its well-being or you are a victim of its turbulence.

And, there is a lot of turbulence about at the moment, you will agree. But what can you do if you are being tossed and buffeted both individually and as a company by this turbulence?

A lot!

Giving the Lead for our Society

What you stand for!

You can provide stability and some security by what you stand for and by how you manage and lead.

This stability will not be like the stability of the lighthouse on the rock but more the stability that comes from your being able to adjust to and handle whatever storms blow, whatever torrents flow.

You can do this through the steadfastness of your goal or vision for your Organization built on values of real substance.

Values not captured in figures or measured by financial markets but values of true worth.

Values that have their roots in the real contribution your Organization wants to make in terms of its products and services.

Values reflected in the all-embracive way you engage with and relate to your suppliers, your community, and above all, your workers.

Remaining steadfast to your values, come hell or high water, will see you through whatever comes your way in the New Year.

It will allow you to look everybody in the eye – your customers, your suppliers, your community, and your workers – to offer them real hope and to invite them to accompany you on your voyage.

Additionally, it will allow you to look yourself in the mirror.

Looking everyone in the Eye!

You can think: “Ah, this is just Stakeholders stuff!”

Yes, but Stakeholders are important.

What good-real good- is it if you are very successful but at the cost of the welfare of other human beings, people like you?

Will you be still able to look in the mirror?

Alertness and Agility

With all these people on board and truly involved in the business, sharing its risks as well as its gains, you will enjoy the required agility, alertness and flexibility to handle whatever comes your way.

Nor will this be about imposing your will on the world whether it likes it or not but will be more about a dynamic dialogue with the world, with your markets, with your competitors, with your investors so that there is nothing to fear because you know with this approach you cannot lose.

You can do this through the steadfastness of your goal or vision for your Organization built on values of real substance.

No, of course it won’t change the world and get rid of all that turbulence but it will provide a place of real meaning, true value and rich well-being for your people, your organization and yourself.

Go to it.