January can be a dull month, a time of year when we have to face some of the inner challenges that accompany the darkness of winter. So we decided to hold an event that would give people some inspiration and a lift to help them find a way of handling these everyday challenges.

I wrote this book, Your Beautiful Life: A Gift for several reasons, one of them was to do with work.  In the course of my work I come across a lot of busy people who are trying to cope with pressures in the job or life pressures all of which can ultimately lead to stress and/or depression.

The big theme of the event was how we respond to the situations we find ourselves in, in our lives, each and every day.

As no two days are the same the major challenge faced by all of us is to give our very best response to the situation we are in.

We can try or we can give up.

We can blame ourselves for our failures or we can blame others. We have a choice.

Your Beautiful Life – a Gift is a companion to help you, the reader, make the most of each day of your month, year, and life. It invites you to see each day as an opportunity to spot the richness in your world and the riches in you as a human being. Each day has a different theme and message to act as a lens to help you spot and get in touch with the meaning and the beauty in your daily experiences. It is also a guide and support for you so you can better understand and handle your different moods and emotions.

These choices and the responses made to them were beautifully brought to life by two of the guest speakers on the night, John Lonergan and Margaret Hayes when they spoke of their particular struggles and how they responded to them.  All of which resonated with the audience who joined in and opened a wonderful discussion illustrating the beauty and gift that is life.

Lest you feel this was a heavy night, it was certainly not. The delightful John Spillane was ever present and sang a number of his inspirational ballads, lifting the hearts and minds of everyone.

If you are interested in attending one of these events, we will be putting a notice of the next one in our website.