Managing can often be understood as managing the existing, what IS, and one could add, managing people as THEY are!

Maybe that IS what ‘managing’ is about but it is not what Leading is about.
Goethe said:
“Treat people as they are and they will remain as they are.
Treat people as they can and should be, and they will become as they can and should be.”

Leading is about this, about treating people as they should be, as they could be. and believing that people can be great – all people.

It is a strange thing but great leaders never believe that it was they who brought out the greatness, the really high performance in people.  They believe and  claim that that greatness was already there! That their sports stars, their students, their musicians, their workers were already great and that it was not about them as leaders at all.
And, of course, they were right. The greatness was always there but it would have gone unnoticed and been unrealised were it not for their belief in their people, their sports stars, students, musicians AND workers.
What made the difference and what always makes the difference is our belief in people.  It is what we ALL most need.
This is the first responsibility of the leader – believe people to greatness because they are. And when you do all those ordinary performers, people you think are just ok will blossom and surprise you…and themselves.  They will become as they can and should be because you have released and uncovered their great and hitherto un-realised potential.