Everyone agrees with the importance of clear goals and powerful visions but not all are really aware of the power they have or really trust them.
When you create a vision of what you want, you have actually already created something new. No, I hear you say, it is only an idea, an image or picture in the head. It’s not something. But that picture in the head did not exist before you created it and so in that sense it is something, something new, something freshly created.

And what good is that?
Well if we dip into the world of sport where the results of what we do and how we do it are immediately visible. Take Johnny Sexton, the Irish rugby out-half – he is not only a great runner but he’s a great kicker of penalties. Johnny is not just a naturally skilled kicker, he creates a vision for his kick EVERY time. He does his routine – puts the ball down, walks back his routine number of steps and gets ready. He looks at the ball, at the goalposts, at the ball and again at the goalposts and then finally at the ball again. He does this, not to check where the goalposts are or to be sure that no one has moved them. He does it because he is visualizing the ball sailing between those posts.

If Johnny Sexton, who is so naturally talented, needs to do all this and benefits so greatly from creating a vision every time, might it not be of equal benefit for you to create a vision for your Area.

Our visions and goals have a huge effect on how we perform and behave. When we get people committed to clear, challenging goals and visions we give them enormous power. This will provide the energy and power for people to realize new levels of performance and fulfillment. Doing this in a group and getting a group committed to a goal or vision of the future is enormously powerful and creates a new dynamic and power within that group.

Having the desire, having a plan, putting in effort and persevering will always work when we have the courage to create and believe in our goal. And it does take courage. To believe and to convince others about something they don’t believe exists, or is real, takes courage. That’s what leading is about.