We all know that something is fundamentally wrong with how we manage, that there is a big need for change.

One of the delights from having worked in many countries over the years has been the experience and enjoyment of so many very different cultures, so many different views of life.

But if that is a delight, imagine our surprise to discover that in Organizations in very different cultures the very same problems and issues prevail.
We heard the same stories in Canada as in Chile, in the USA as in Brazil.
We realised from this that the problem could not have been about inadequate Canadian or Brazilian managers but had to be about ManageMENT – the overall philosophy and approach to managing.
Therefore, there is a real need to do something about the whole approach to MANAGEMENT.

You, yourself, will know this, that there is a big need for change, that something is fundamentally wrong with how we manage. And, by the way, you are not alone in this view, given that Organisations spend huge amounts of money every year trying to train their managers in order to make things better.

But, if it is the whole approach that is wrong, then more training will not succeed in the endeavor to make things better. We will get more of the same, a lot more of it!

And with it we will get a lot more scandals, cover ups, disenchanted millennials, and drive headlong into the unknown.

Yes, there have been some great successes in organizations over the past 150 years, but at an equally great price to society, to people and to our own lives.
And, even though we don’t like to admit it, many of us have paid a price in that most important aspect of ourselves – our integrity and authenticity.

That was why we saw the need for a very different approach to managing and leading – Managing to be Human. A whole new paradigm for managing, which we also call Authentic Leadership, that not only ensures results are achieved, but that this is done with integrity and authenticity.