• Meet business owners North and South.
  • Learn and share insights.
  • Grow your business through collaboration.
  • Work with other inspiring and successful business owners.
  • Do real business.
  • Overcome Brexit

Is to transform FSB and SFA member companies to new levels of performance, growth, success and wellbeing through:

Strengthening cross-border small business collaboration between selected member companies of both the SFA and the FSB for the purpose of facilitating greater collaboration, achieving big breakthroughs through working creatively together  to create, explore  and develop opportunities for business growth in the challenging Brexit dominated world.

How the Day Works

• Welcome, Introductions and Creating Expectations

– Making it a Day to Remember

9.30 – 10.00

• Objectives, Positioning and Desired Outcomes

The 10 Paths to Growth and Breakthroughs

10.00 –10.30

• Companies Share Situations, Wishes and Needs

– Entering and Living in the World of Possibilities

10.30 – 11.30

• Coffee-Break Sharing & Initial Network Opportunities

– Networking and collaborating for synergies

11.30  – 12.15

• Common Issues, Challenges and Blocks to Growth

– Agreeing common barriers to success and growth.

12.15  – 13.00
• Lunch        13.00 – 13.45

• Work on Issues & Challenges in Two Groups    

– Using the Power of Creative Thinking and Working

14.00  – 15.00

• Individual Company Work in Small Groups & Lounge Clusters

– Using the power of the group to help companies to new levels of performance and results.

15.00 – 16.00

• Sharing of Initiatives, Plans and Next Steps

– New Horizons, New Hope, New Directions

16.00 – 16.30

• Follow-up Coaching and Facilitation Support

– “It’s Not Over Yet” Agreeing the Follow-up Coaching and Facilitation Support

16.30 –  16.45

• Wrap up, Review and Feedback

– “Well done and Let’s go”

16.45  –  17.00



Match Maker is all about connecting the right companies North and South to ensure meaningful partnerships.  Events will be planned throughout the year.

To establish if you qualify for Match Maker 2019 please register your interest at www.maybe.ie/matchmaker and a member of our team will arrange a call with you to discuss Match Maker and your company suitability.

About Maybe International


is an international organisation whose mission is to help people and organisations realise that much more is possible in business and life than they might currently believe and to facilitate, coach, train and support them to make these possibilities a reality.

Our rich heritage in Creativity, Leadership, Performance and Human Development has enabled us to deliver breakthrough results for our valued clients over the last 20 years.