Niamh O’Brien

Niamh has led complex transformation strategies and leadership programmes for more than 20 years, as a Management Consultant and as a transformation leader in industry in Europe and Australia. She was honoured when as she refined her approach to leading people, her clients started to ask her to teach them to do the same.

As a Certified Leadership Coach and Trainer, a NLP Practitioner, a trained Collaboration Facilitator, and a health and well-being specialist, Niamh is passionate in her belief that success always comes from putting people first. She brings wisdom, intelligence and experience combined with passion and energy to everything she assists her clients with. Her strategy is to always prove that the winning differentiators for businesses are having the highest performing and most collaborative leaders and teams, and consequently a laser sharp focus on achieving their targeted outcomes.

Niamh now works with businesses, coaching and mentoring their leaders, managers and teams, and guiding their business growth and success.

This led her to connecting with Maybe International in 2019 as our values, belief in people and our philosophy of a new and better way of managing were a perfect fit. Today Niamh is the market lead for championing Maybe’s Managing to be Human – Leading with Integrity and Effectiveness management approach with Australian businesses.

In her spare time Niamh loves attending music gigs and local theatre with friends, and she is a big foodie and a sports enthusiast (hiking, swimming, cycling…) = a perfect fit with the Australian lifestyle of sporting prowess, beaches and BBQs!



We in Maybe International can confidently say that all participants in our programmes on Leadership will gain many new and exciting insights into how managing in a more human way will enable them to achieve new levels of performance both in themselves and in their people, performance that will deliver ever better business results.

Working with Maybe International is a unique experience. Our whole leadership philosophy and approach has been developed with the central focus of bringing out the greatness in people  - unlocking the enormous potential that is waiting to be realised in each person. We know that nurturing this inner potential in a creative and honest manner will ensure they achieve more than they imagine is possible and empower them to do real justice to themselves and their organisations.

We believe that this level of improvement will be achieved by managing and leading with integrity and effectiveness and it is this belief, and fidelity to it, that enables managers to lead their organisations so successfully.

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