Ximo Santonja

Ximo joined the team of Maybe International in 2014 and leads on all the Company’s design, technology and social marketing needs. He has an incredibly rich and diverse range of experience having worked in the communications sector for over 25 years, covering all areas from radio, television, print and the web. Over the last 15 years he has in particular focused and specialised his attention on mastering the continuously changing digital, multi-media and various web-based social platforms and software technologies for the digital environment.

Ximo is an incredibly active person, always in motion. His passion is his work, and like any passion he always tries to do his best and his best is more often than not brilliant! He is a very quick learner and has a great ability to work in a team bringing infinite energy, good will, humour and patience to every project.

In his spare time he likes to enjoy nature and practicing the sports he enjoys, which include mountain biking, hiking, snorkelling and kayaking. “Sports really help me in my creative and decision-making process, as it opens my mind to new and innovative ideas” he says. He also likes to spend time with his new puppy Argos (the new love of his life).



We in Maybe International can confidently say that all participants in our programmes on Leadership will gain many new and exciting insights into how managing in a more human way will enable them to achieve new levels of performance both in themselves and in their people, performance that will deliver ever better business results.

Working with Maybe International is a unique experience. Our whole leadership philosophy and approach has been developed with the central focus of bringing out the greatness in people  - unlocking the enormous potential that is waiting to be realised in each person. We know that nurturing this inner potential in a creative and honest manner will ensure they achieve more than they imagine is possible and empower them to do real justice to themselves and their organisations.

We believe that this level of improvement will be achieved by managing and leading with integrity and effectiveness and it is this belief, and fidelity to it, that enables managers to lead their organisations so successfully.

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