About Maybe

We are a small group of passionate professionals who believe that our world and our organisations can be very different and very much better than they currently are.

Our centre is in Ireland but we work with a growing number of associates both in Ireland and in different parts of the world to bring about this rich and exciting change. We came together in 2002 to help organisations find new ways to not only be more successful but to be better places to work and make ever better contributions to the welfare of all of their stakeholders.

We developed effective ways to help organisations bring about real transformations in how they operate and how they are as entities. We do this mostly through supported on-line programmes that show how every situation and issue in an organisation can be practically handled in a good, true, effective and honest way.

We show how this can be achieved by replacing traditional forms of power with the power of meaning, of what is right and good and works. It is a different paradigm. We have worked in this way for nearly 20 years with companies around the world and here in Ireland like Unilever, BMW, Kraft Foods, Caterpillar, CRH, Diageo, Coca Cola, Musgraves and many others.

Our goal is to continue this work and extend it and to attract more people to join Maybe to enjoy with us the difference we make to organisations and to society.