To deal with overall organisational issues and achieve major improvement in performance, Maybe has developed a series of on-line Programmes which  we believe will lead to a significant transformation of an organisation.  While the programmes are all inter-linked and inter-dependent, each of them on its own has a unique value and will help to bring about that desired transformation to performance and well-being in your organisation. The programmes also have the option of support from an in-house Coach whom we would train and support and/or direct coaching or facilitation support from a Maybe consultant.

True Leadership

The Power of always being True to Yourself and to Others as a Leader

Become a True COMPANY

Create a united organisation around a powerful and meaningful goal.

Reach New Levels of Performance

Unlock People’s Real Potential & Address Unsatisfactory Performance to achieve excellent overall performance

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The Power of Real Teams and Teamworking

Build Real Teams and a Powerful Teamworking Environment

The Creative Culture

Develop a Creative Culture that will handle Uncertainty and Create the Future you Want.

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Facilitative Leadership

Learn how the Facilitative Leader is powerful by being both Inclusive and Decisive

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Leadership Decision Making

The Keys to Effective  Decision Making in Groups and on One’s Own.

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Work-Life Integration

From Work-Life Balance to Rich Work-Life Integration

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Meetings Transformation

Transform all Meetings into Dynamic and Productive Events

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Effective Influencing

Influencing with Integrity and Effectiveness

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The New Work Paradigm

A New way of Thinking and Working as a Manager and Organisation



An education platform where you can access at any time to take your courses and consult your questions.


All the courses or modules are video based using concrete, real situations to get to the heart of the issue and provide real, practical answers.


There are opportunities for participants to reflect at different stages during the module so they can assimilate and apply the learning points.


Test questions are provided to help participants check the accuracy or quality of their learning.


A final summary of the key points covered is given to help people make the desired transformation to a new way of managing and leading.


A PDF summary of the points is included to provide people with a record of the points covered.

Why does this work so well?

  • An internal Coach or Facilitator would be identified to liaise with Maybe and so help participants integrate and deepen their skills in the particular area.
  • It makes the enormous difference it makes because of the very different paradigm of managing that is contained in every course and message.
  • It is based on real needs in your organisation both development ones and operating ones.
  • People have the opportunity to view and take the course or module as often as they like and in their own time.
  • Questions, doubts, challenges get resolved in Discussion Groups or in the Forums.
  • Application and implementation of the learnings is guaranteed because they are worked through a real business need in a matrix or tapestry model of working.
  • Participants would receive a Leadership Tool for every module or course with concrete steps on how to use the learnings and do so well.
We can co-design with you a programme that will guide and support you to making the move from Red to Blue Management using our unique Leadership Transformation on-line courses.

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