Getting to what’s behind Unsatisfactory Performance or Behaviour

  • Situations of Unsatisfactory Performance or Behaviour can cause us to be disappointed, disillusioned and, very often, annoyed. People are letting us and themselves and the organisation down.
  • For this and for other reasons, we want to deal with them, do something about them, “get rid of them.” Things can come to a head and we can become impatient.
  • It is this very urgency or impatience that can get us into trouble and end up with us doing more harm than good.
  • This often happens because we jump to some conclusion about the unsatisfactory performer or behaviour.
  • However, understanding what is really going on it is always critical before we act. This course provides the tools for you to do that so that you are getting to the core of the issue and so being really effective in truly resolving it.

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