How to Make Differences make all the Difference

  • Like everybody, you probably differ with lots of people in your world and in your organisation.
  • Some of these differences may be trivial or inconsequential but some of them may be more serious and quite fundamental.
  • We can handle these differences in all kinds of ways – some good, some bad, win some, lose some, tolerate some, bring them to a head et cetera.
  • But, because they always exist and because they can not only lead to differences and conflict on particular issues but can or undermine the whole culture in an organisation, it is imperative that we know how to handle them well.
  • That’s what you will learn on this course – a philosophy on how to deal with differences in general and practical tools and approaches on how to not only resolve them in particular issues but to use them creatively to enrich the whole thinking and performance in the organisation.

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