Leading Change and Flexibility with Creativity

  • ‘Change Managers’, ‘Change Management’ ‘Tools for Delivering Change’ and the like can all give a clear message that ‘Change’ is an issue in many organisations.
  • Maybe it is but it is only so because it is seen as something rare, occasional, different and so calls for different ways to handle it when it arises.
  • But suppose that ‘Change’ is just a word we use to highlight something that is happening all the time and never stops, something called life!
  • Then, ‘Change’ is part of everything we do in our work and organisations and we need to do it every day and do it   Our survival depends on it.
  • This course creates the awareness that the future and well-being of your organisation depends on your flexibility and ability to change in order to adapt to and make the most of everything that happens every day both within and outside your organisation.

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