Creativity – the Life of the Organisation

  • If creativity is core to the evolution of our universe, then it has to be core to our organisations.
  • Why is creativity pushed to the margins or seen as important for some functions only?
  • Are we born creative or can people learn to be creative?
  • What makes the difference between traditional or analytical Problem Solving and Creative Problem Solving?
  • How can problems be our best friends?
  • How do ‘managing’, controlling and planning fit with Creativity?
  • Why is Creativity so important for handling uncertainty and the uniknown?

I can say without doubt that this was the most powerful programme that I have ever been on. It was creative fresh insightful and extremely practical. It inspires a whole new way of thinking, of getting into the other person’s world of unmet needs and co-creating innovative solutions to meet those needs. This programme will dramatically change your results and make your job much more enjoyable and meaningful.

Paul O Mahony, Business Development Manager, Glanbia Nutritionals.


Leadership Skills for the Uncertain World View Video View Factsheet
The Power of Open Mindedness View Video View Factsheet
The Structure for the Creative Meeting – The Diamond View Video View Factsheet
Think Big. Selecting Breakthrough Ideas View Video View Factsheet
The ‘Crack in Everything’ – Changing ‘Bad Ideas’ into Great ones View Video View Factsheet
Leading Change with Flexibility with Creativity View Video View Factsheet

You, or participants, have different options for how you take any of these programmes.

Blended or Supported Option or Model: Tutor Supported

You will receive an online course with instructions and guidelines on how to access and make the most of the course with the option to receive support in the form of

  • Direct or online Coaching on the course topic, and/or
  • Involvement in a webinar with others taking the course.

This support will be available either at the commencement of the course, during it, or on its completion.

Management Led Training with Tutor Support

In this case, in addition to the above, you will have the facility for the members of your team to also take the course and on completion of it take part in a team discussion on the key messages it contains before meeting with you to:

  • Clarify and share understandings
  • Agree key messages and implications.
  • Agree and commit to new behaviours and ways of working.
  • Agree how you will continue to review progress and follow through in applying and living the new approach.

For this meeting, you will be given clear guidelines on how to lead and facilitate the meeting and any other coaching support you need for this.

Management Led Training with Tutor support for Company Internal Facilitator

The third option is, in addition to all of the above, to identify an internal person from HR or from the team who will be up-skilled as an internal facilitator whose role will be to support managers in leading the training of their people. This facilitator will be trained by Maybe.

Which focus area are you interested in?

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