The Creative Culture

How a Creative Mindset and Culture handles uncertainty and CREATES the future

In many organisations, creativity is seen more as a luxury than a necessity. Often it is pushed to the margins or seen as important for some functions only?
No Company can expect to thrive or even survive unless creativity is seen as core to everything that gets done.

The one thing that is certain is that uncertainty about the future and how to respond to it is inevitable.
For that, organisations need systems, structures and skills at every level to not only face these challenges but to make the most of them and use them for further growth and welfare.

  • Why Creativity is so important for handling uncertainty and the unknown?
  • Learn what makes the difference between traditional or analytical Problem Solving and Creative Problem Solving?
  • The good news: We are not just born creative but can learn to be creative?
  • How  problems can be our best friends?
  • Discover how  ‘managing’, controlling and planning fit with Creativity?
  • Make Creativity which is core to the evolution of our universe,  core to our organisations.
  • Put an end to pushing  creativity to the margins and seen as important for some functions only?


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You, or participants, have different options for how you take any of these programmes.

Blended or Supported Option or Model: Tutor Supported

You will receive an online course with instructions and guidelines on how to access and make the most of the course with the option to receive support in the form of

  • Direct or online Coaching on the course topic, and/or
  • Involvement in a webinar with others taking the course.

This support will be available either at the commencement of the course, during it, or on its completion.

Management Led Training with Tutor Support

In this case, in addition to the above, you will have the facility for the members of your team to also take the course and on completion of it take part in a team discussion on the key messages it contains before meeting with you to:

  • Clarify and share understandings
  • Agree key messages and implications.
  • Agree and commit to new behaviours and ways of working.
  • Agree how you will continue to review progress and follow through in applying and living the new approach.

For this meeting, you will be given clear guidelines on how to lead and facilitate the meeting and any other coaching support you need for this.

Management Led Training with Tutor support for Company Internal Facilitator

The third option is, in addition to all of the above, to identify an internal person from HR or from the team who will be up-skilled as an internal facilitator whose role will be to support managers in leading the training of their people. This facilitator will be trained by Maybe.

Which focus area are you interested in?

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