The Business or the People – which comes first?

  • Managers can often feel in a dilemma – is their loyalty to the Organisation and its welfare, or is it to the People and their welfare and well-being?
  • Okay, most times there is no problem when things are moving along smoothly. No calls to be made.
  • But when there are important and tough decisions to be made that will be perceived to affect people negatively, the problem or dilemma arises.
  • Or, we avoid taking those tough but important decisions because we fear they will affect People and our relationships with them and do more harm than good.
  • Or we ‘to’ and ‘fro’ between the two and cause more confusion, ambivalence and mistrust.
  • But, the great news is that all of this is avoidable and this course shows how you can be faithful to the Organisation and to People ALL THE TIME. It changes EVERYTHING.

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