The ‘Crack in Everything’ – Changing ‘Bad Ideas’ into Great ones

  • There is never a scarcity of ‘bad ideas’. You hear them every day. You also see what happens to them.
  • The problem is that in every ‘bad idea’ there is a good element hiding – like a small vein of gold in a big rock.
  • But, because we see so much ‘bad’ with the idea, we throw the whole thing out and prefer to work with the small grains of gold we come across.
  • While this inevitably means we miss out on some very big ideas, it has the further problem of creating a narrow and closed culture. We miss the “crack in everything through which the light  gets in” as Leonard Cohen sings.
  • We need to develop new muscles, new mindsets to be able to hold on to these big ideas and explore where there might be value in some of the ‘bad ideas’ that people put forward and it is these skills that this course offers.

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