The Power of Open Mindedness

  • The comedian, Bill Burr, says “I like the way I think!” We all do which is not to say that the way we think is the right or best way.
  • But this does not deter us from believing that we are seeing things more or less as they are and, more or less, getting things right in terms of what needs to be done.
  • What we can forget is that we become blinded by our very closeness to and knowledge of situations and so unable to see alternative ways of handling things.
  • Equally, we can become blocked from finding a way out of some issue by its very importance to us which weighs on us and hinders our freedom and ability to think and be imaginative.
  • How to overcome this ‘natural’ closed mindedness is what this course offers – practical steps and processes to broaden your thinking and your ability to think and imagine as a leader and so give better and more effective leadership.

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