The X Meeting (Part 1)

  • You may know the story of the beggar, sitting on a box in the street asking for alms and of the passerby who asked him what was in the box. When they looked they discovered there was gold in the box.
  • You, too, may be sitting on gold without realising it. Your gold is the rich purpose or raison d’etre of your organisation and the powerful vision of what you can do and achieve in it.
  • But, your gold is worthless too if it remains in the box. You have to take it out, shine it up and share its beauty and power with your people.
  • Yes, your people may have been told of the gold, but they need to see it and hear it from you so that they feel enriched and excited by it and inspired by it to think and work and be in new ways.
  • This course not only invites you and your leaders to share this gold with your people, but provides you with the tools and wherewithal to make sure that you and they do so in a powerful, inviting, and convincing way.

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