When People Fail to Change or Improve

  • Wise and good and strong as we may be as managers, people still have the right and ability to do what they want. Our influence and control over people is always – and thankfully so – limited.
  • For this reason we can find that, having used our very best efforts to get people to improve or change, they don’t, and they won’t.
  • Now, of course we always have the control of ‘the final solution’ which in our case of managing most times means some formal process of discipline or dismissal.
  • Unfortunately knowing that we have that power of ‘the final solution’ in our back pockets can mean that we don’t make enough effort to find other solutions or resort too early to this one.
  • And, the formal route can be a difficult, long, and often costly one.
  • This course offers a different solution, one that is more human, more satisfactory and much more effective.

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