Working and Living with Uncertainty

  • People follow us as leaders, and follow all leaders, because they have confidence in them. Leaders know what they are doing and know where they and we are going.
  • In order to lead – and for people to follow – a leader has to know, to be confident, to be sure and certain about things and about the way forward.
  • This was easy when the world seemed a controllable place and predicting and planning and executing seemed a logical and straightforward process.
  • This is no longer true, if it ever was. Now we know, not only from Einstein and others, that the world is a chaotic place, but from our own experience as well. “Who would ever have thought…?”
  • How, then, is it possible to lead with confidence in a very uncertain world, when you are not at all sure what will work or what will happen?
  • It is this absolutely vital and powerful skill of leadership that this course offers and where you will get the tools to deal confidently and comfortably with the inevitable uncertainty in which you work and lead.

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