Your Beautiful Life – A Gift

Your Beautiful Life. A Gift is a book with 31 sections, each one with a unique theme inviting and helping the reader to live and make the most of each day of their month and their life.

It does this through sharing key messages, beautiful images, rich poems, relevant songs, inspirational people  and even mind puzzles that stimulate the reader to see each day as special and so to live it to its fullest.

Each day acts as a lens to help the reader get in touch with the meaning and the beauty in their daily experiences.

The book invites the reader to see each day as an opportunity to spot the richness in their world and in them as a human being.

As the author, Brian Smyth says: “Every day in our lives contains a rich bounty of many different gifts.The book is intended to help you to be able to see those gifts, some of which can be difficult to spot because they come in the ordinary containers of  ‘ordinary’ everyday events and happenings.

“Do you sometimes wake up feeling ok but low in energy, meaning, and joy as you begin yet another day? Are you dulled, dimmed by the routine of the world’s deeply ingrained cycle of coming and going? Is every day more or less the same, like every other day, ordinary? Are you confused, disillusioned and losing your faith in much of what you once believed and what once enthused you?”.

These are the questions that author Brian Smyth wants his readers to ponder as he invites them on a rewarding journey towards attaining a better, more positive life perspective.

His benevolent aim comes alive within the pages of

Your Beautiful Life – A Gift

a motivational and inspirational self-help guide.

Is a Managing Partner and founder of Maybe International, a Company dedicated to developing a new paradigm of managing and leading and to helping individuals and Companies realise the enormous possibilities in their lives and organisations.

A former NASA and General Motors manager, Brian has over twenty years experience helping organizations and individuals in different parts of the world to achieve new levels of performance, success and well-being.

He is the co-founder of the ‘Managing to be Human Forum’ which brings together Company leaders who are searching for a more human and authentic way to manage their organizations. He is the author of the book Managing to be Human which explains how it is not only possible to manage in a human way but why that is a better and more effective way to manage.

Brian also helps sports teams and individuals to new levels of performance, achievement and well-being in their particular sports.

Maybe’s goal is to make life better for Companies and for the people who work in them. We in Maybe would be very happy to hear from anyone who would like more information on any of the themes spoken of in the book or who would welcome help in any of the areas covered.

Your Beautiful Life – A Gift


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Your Beautiful Life – A Gift


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